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Get invaluable tools for you and your team, and long-term security for your practice, for

£595 + VAT a month

Instant access to hours of online training for you and your team, ready-to-go marketing campaigns, and expert coaching calls to help your whole practice get on track.

Includes the award-winning sales system "I Can Help You With That", practical tutorials and useable spreadsheets.

Includes access to the Practice Building Studio's bespoke design team, and simple integration with VIPx campaigns.


Includes one-to-one coaching calls with a Practice Building coach. Upscaling your coaching calls to weekly or bi-weekly is easy with simple upgrades to Bespoke Coaching solutions.


Create Long Term Security For Your Practice



Nobody was prepared for the impact of covid-19, and I’m sure that right now you have very real concerns about keeping your business financially secure.


It looks like the practice that you have worked so hard to build is going to have to change; appointment times have got longer, the work and expense in seeing a patient is much greater, there is a recession in the near future and government support won’t go on for ever.


Even worse, the knock-on effect of the lockdown will continue to impact practices every other year for years to come, as there will be very few patients to recall through the spring and summer.


Through all of this frustration wouldn’t you just love to be able to get back to doing what you do best - taking care of your patients, keeping your staff happy and making a decent living while you’re at it?


VIPx will enable you to build a growing list of happy patients who willingly pay you a realistic amount for their eyecare, purchase new spectacles far more frequently and pay you every month.

Presenting VIPx – a complete system designed to keep cash flowing into your bank account even when your practice has nobody to recall, is in a recession or even in another lockdown!


Some of our clients are already using some elements of the VIPx system to generate thousands of pounds of revenue every month, but most don’t have the time to use all of them, and are consequently working harder for longer and generating less profit than they could.


So we have brought all of those elements together into a complete, done-for-you system.


 - - -


The VIPx Masterplan will enable you to -


1 Protect future sales and profits with regular direct debit payments;

            - For advanced optometry as an ongoing monthly fee.

            - With 12-month interest free credit for spectacle purchases.


2 Promote these services with ongoing monthly campaigns:

            - Advanced Optometry to promote eye care schemes.

            - Look and Lenses to promote multiple pairs and interest-free credit.

            - All campaigns include Point of Sale, Digital and Print Media.


3 Train your team to use the VIPx system:

            - To increase conversion.

            - To increase average order value appropriately.

            - To increase frequency of purchase.


4 Generate additional sales with regular direct communications.

            - Respect your patients’ interests with carefully selected opt in and out.

            - Generate more sales with tailored messages.


 - - -


Using direct debits for care plans and interest free credit for spectacle purchases, VIPx will help you build up strong, long-term cash flow and profits with a system that actively encourages patients to take the best possible care of their eyes and update their eyewear regularly. And all this without resorting to bribing people to sign up to your eyecare with big discounts on glasses!

What’s included?


                   Strategy review with a PB coach

                        No set up fee for 12-month commitment

                        DD cashflow planning spreadsheet

                        6 monthly review and planning session

Eyecare Payment Plan Promotion

                    Full Marketing Kits

                        Fee Calculator for Px sign up

                        Ts and Cs with digital sign up

Eyewear Payment Plan Promotion

                   Monthly "Look and Lenses" Campaigns with comprehensive media kits.

                        DD T&Cs with digital sign up

Staff Training in an Online Training Portal

                        Intro to VIPx

                        The VIPx Customer Journey

                        VIPx Eyecare Plans

                        "The Look and the Lenses" Marketing System

                        "The Look and The Lenses" Sales System

VIPx Database Marketing Platform

                   Highly secure state-of-the-art platform

                        Your database remains under your control - always.

            Bespoke landing page for sign ups

                        Reduce unsubscribes with 3 list opt in / out

                        Patients choose their product update options

                        Target specific products to the most interested patients

                        GDPR Compliance

                        Landing page to accept Ts and Cs for Eyecare Plan

                        Landing page to accept Ts and Cs for Interest free credit

                        Includes 2 email campaigns a month

      Create your communications plan with the aid of a PB Coach

      Select your messages from the VIPx campaign library

      Use any of your Prêt Campaigns

      Create bespoke messages*

                       Option to add extra campaigns*

                       Option to add SMS or Postcard to all campaigns*

                       Ability to identify individual branches in a group

                       Create branch or group specific broadcasts


                               *additional fees may apply

How to get started with VIPx


We can build this platform for just a few practices each week and the builds are scheduled on a first come first served basis.


Step 1 Sign Up to reserve a provisional build date for your VIPx platform.


Step 2 – Have a detailed planning session with one of the PB VIPx team and set a date for launching VIPx in your practice.


Step 3 – Train your team to use the system in our online training centre while we make everything ready.


Step 4 – Roll out your VIPx platform.


After that all you have to do is sign-up patients and start locking in the future profits that will help you secure your business for the years ahead.

The following webpages will take you through the sign-up process, which inlcudes:

  • Terms and Conditions Agreement
  • Data Processing Agreement
  • Payment (monthly subscription)

*You will be asked to provide certain brand rules to help us set up your account. These include: your practice logo; the name of your mailing list GDPR-compliant "Club" (if you have one); the email address from which you would like your patients to receive correspondence; Email footer information (recommended: Company Name, Company Number, VAT Number).

We are currently only offering VIPx to PB Gold Club Members at a special introductory fee of an additional £295 plus VAT per month for the entire package and up to 2,500 people in your VIPx database. As your list grows this monthly fee will increase by just £50 for every additional 2,500 names.


It’s the same fee no matter how many practices you own.

The fees are based on a per brand basis so if you have more than one location you will only need one VIPx platform providing they all use the same name and brand rules.

"I thought VIPx was a brilliant idea when I heard it but couldn't have done it without Andy and the Practice Building team. Everything from the marketing, the guidance, the systems and the back-office platform were provided to us; all I needed to bring was the motivation!"


Elliot Bateman

We can build this platform for just a few practices each week and the builds are scheduled on a first come first served basis.


Sign Up now to reserve your place in the build queue.


Let’s get going – It’s never too soon to build an ongoing stream of profit.

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